ATS Hire started in 2013 by tradesman Troy Wighton, Although ATS Hire is based on the North West Coast in Devonport, it is able to provide equipment to clients throughout Tasmania. 

With previous experience in the tree care industry, Troy identified a need for Specialised Access Equipment to enable tradesmen to work in hard to reach areas in the quickest and safest way.


ATS Hire has the right equipment with the Hinowa Spider Lift, Hitachi Excavator and the Vermeer Wooodchipper. We have recently added the Kubota L4150 tractor to our ever growing list of hire equipment. 

We know everyone needs great customer care. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated.

Customer service is a highly important part of every small business. Companies that are unable or unwilling to properly service their customers stand to lose the customers’ business.

Our equipment is exceptionally maintained and serviced so you can depend on it working. Try us out and give us a call!


Hitachi ZX40

A compact and versatile 5 tonne excavator with a powerful 4-cylinder engine. It comes with 3 buckets, rubber tracks, log grab, air conditioned cab The compact body of this excavator and its short rear end allows for efficient operation even in confined space.

For full specifications on this unit follow this link Hitachi PDF

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Hinowa Spider Lift

The Hinowa light lift 19.65 is the tallest spider lift you can hire that can still fit through a standard door of 820mm.

When you hire this spider lift you can transport the machine on a trailer and without the need of a truck. The Hinowa lift will reach an incredible 20 metres and the lift weighs in at just over 2 tonne and is currently the most popular spider lift in the fleet.

It is also the simplest machine to use, with an automatic leveling function display and a full fault diagnosis panel.

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Vermeer 18 inch Chipper

The largest trailer mounted chipper around capable of devouring masses of tree prunings and logs efficiently.
Turning your unwanted trees into a usable garden mulch and soil conditioner.

The Vermeer can be hand fed by our trained, insured operators and if there are a lot of larger branches and logs, it can be fed by an excavator. Chippings can be directed into our truck and removed off site or placed where you need them,or they can be directed into a pile onto the ground.

For risk and insurance reasons this machine is only hired with qualified operators.

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Kubota L4150DT Tractor

Our Kubota is perfect for general utility tractor users who are looking for an affordable tractor with an easy to operate transmission​.

The 4 wheel drive L4150DT tractor is powered by a turbo-charged, 50hp 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine for superior performance. Delivering an impressive 42.5 PTO horsepower, the engine incorporates an in built balancer to minimise vibration and noise.

With mechanical self-levelling this loader can achieve a phenomenal 2.8 metres lift height to the pivot point.

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Hitachi ZX225

A versatile 25 tonne excavator. It comes with a general purpose dig bucket, 2m wide mud bucket, steel tracks, tilting hitch, zero swing, all buckets can be titled both ways and approved forestry protective cab. 

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